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RE: The Rest of us

Subject: RE: The Rest of us
From: "gary baker" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 18:40:50 +1000
>well, since you asked...

well winter is technically over down here ,the large volume of parts I have 
ordered from the States are finally starting to trickle in  hey skip I just 
recieved that oil additative today  was ordered early July though still 
waiting on the bulk of parts spose thats expected when you need custom bits 
, I have demolished the old "shed " and have leveled of the block for the 
new  12 meter x 12 meter x 3 meter big shed , with most of my savings 
exhausted I had to go and get a new job so the building frenzy will slow 
down  ,though Im givingit my best shot to have the turbo busa and the N2O 
kawasaki  ready by next march , I still have zero crew so everything is a 
one man effort , I have named this effort Hawkwind racing after my favorite  
band oh and I have completed the new trailer rolling chassis , progress is 
slow but steady

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