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To: <>
Subject: Re: BSFC
From: "Lorcan Parnell" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 08:21:47 +0100

1hp of methanol is 1lb/hr. For a 4 cylinder motor with 2 injectors per cyl
(I'm assuming) and 600hp you would need 8 x 94lb injectors to allow for duty
cycle. I would be tempted to go bigger still or allow for an increase in
fuel pressure (buy 94lb injectors at 40psi then you can run up to 70psi if
you need to) because of the huge cooling effect from methanol, especially
with turbos.

If you want confirmation phone Kinsler and they will tell you on the phone
which injectors you need. Rochester make some biggies around the 100lb/hr

Don't undersize your fuel pump(s). Get a flow map from the manufacturer if
you can and keep an eye on the pressure. You will probably need 2 electric
pumps. I'm in the process of converting from electric to Hilborn because my
electric pump couldn't keep up and I don't have the room or the battery
power to drive 2 electric pumps.



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