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To: "LSR submissions" <>
Subject: BSFC
From: "3liter" <>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 00:10:55 -0700
Lorc, thanks for the EFI information.  When Rick Yacoucci had his engine on
the dyno he indicated he was trying for 11,500 rpm!  That would be an open
time of less than 0.2 msec. I can't believe anything electro-"mechanical"
can operate accurately that fast. Is the injector full-on at that point? If
so, why not just use a full-flow mechanical system?  Assuming the push truck
(and gears) can get you up into a useful rpm range where it won't load up.
I don't know EFI injector specs but outside of that world it is incredibly
difficult to find anything faster than 5-10 msec. I suspect they cheat and
at high rpms and they are just full-on.

Rick, care to offer more info about your set-up?



"There is a point at around 86-88% duty cycle where injectors suffer a big
drop in flow when they can't decide to be open or shut and this should be
avoided. It is better to turn up the pressure if you need to than run into
this zone where flow can halve suddenly."


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