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[Land-speed] Off Topic: Our Health Care Program..

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Subject: [Land-speed] Off Topic: Our Health Care Program..
From: drmayf <>
Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 19:24:48 -0700
I have been sitting here listening to all the talking heads and how they 
feel our health care program is going to go. It seems certain that 
something is going to be put into effect despite what any proponent or 
protagonist might say or want. So If I heard some of the items in the 
plan it would sem that especially for us old geezerrs and maybe young 
folk also, that there will be a committee (or lots of them) that will 
decide our health care issues and treatments. So I was wondering.. could 
the sport of Land Speed Racing, indeed any form of  activity, be banned 
as too dangerous? That you could not be treated if injured in an 
accident that occurred in an activity that has been prohibited?    Is 
that a thought? 

just an odd thought...

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