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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Off Topic: Our Health Care Program..
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Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 12:12:33 -0400
Read the bill on the link.. It is a bad deal if you take the time to read
all over it. I did and all the allegations in list are in the as it stands
right now.. I didn't think they could do anything worse than bailing out
wall street or the cash for clunkers debacle but when it comes to political
stupidity I was fooled again. I doubt if they are going to give me health
care cheaper than I pay now with a 5000 deductable and a HSA at 420 a
month... As a doctor would you want someone telling you what you will be
paid no matter how good you are or where you work in the USA??? Or as a
business whether you can expand or not without government permission?? The
tentacles of government already reach deep into our wallets and lives now
but this will be ever more controlling in very insidious ways. If you go by
what you read in the paper or the net I have a bridge to sell you..

What they need to do is strengthen the dollar and printing money like toilet
paper and handing it out to people for programs that are more imagined than
needed will not fix the value of the dollar.

You cannot give anything to anyone without taking it from someone else....

---- "Robert J. Denton" <> wrote: 
> The biggest problem with the health care issue is all the BS being thrown
> around as to what it is, or what it isn't. Your medical needs will NOT be
> handled by a committee. Actually, if you have Blue Cross now, you are
> handled by a committee.
> For those of us old enough to get Medicare, we have discovered that it is
> one of the few things that are good about getting old. Unless you have an
> "advantage plan" from Blue Cross or others. The advantage part is the rip
> off. They get in the way of your access to Medicare. And they get paid to
> interfere, by you. Advantage makes the determination of what you can be
> covered on, over and above Medicare.  If the proposed health care is bad
> you, why are the insurance pouring millions and millions into
> coffers?
> The current system is what is bad, not the proposed new one.
> Bob Denton
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