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Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 20:57:34 -0700
Mayf -- I think our society is going to go after the "low hanging fruit". 
In other words those activities that cost the most money relative to the 
influence of their noisy constituency.  Competitive sports cause relatively 
few injuries and almost a negligible number of deaths and serious injuries 
that produce extraordinary medical costs.  I think our brand of motorsports 
is way far below the radar screen.  As far as refusing to treat people 
injured in an accident our legal system essentially prevents that.  All 
people regardless of the cause are eligible to be given emergency treatment. 
And it's free.  Doesn't matter what they were doing when they got injured. 
If they were doing something illegal when they were injured that would have 
to be proven....... in a court of law.  That can take months or years.  Till 
then they are legally eligible to be treated regardless of how legal or 
illegal the activity that caused their injury might be.
 The only question would be about who pays for the treatment.  That's 
another issue.  You and I have Medicare.  If we get hurt while racing 
Medicare will pay for most things.  I don't see that changing anytime soon 
although with the continuous stream of new expensive treatments I'm sure 
there will be limits to what they will pay for.  My guess is that will also 
be the case for most insurance plans and HMO's also.
Ed Weldon

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Subject: [Land-speed] Off Topic: Our Health Care Program..
 So I was wondering.. could
> the sport of Land Speed Racing, indeed any form of  activity, be banned as 
> too dangerous? That you could not be treated if injured in an accident 
> that occurred in an activity that has been prohibited?    Is that a 
> thought?   just an odd thought... mayf
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