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Subject: Re: [Land-speed] Off Topic: Our Health Care Program..
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Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 6:12:17 -0700
Robert me thinks you JUST MAY be staying to close to the KOOL AID 

---- "Robert J. Denton" <> wrote: 
> The biggest problem with the health care issue is all the BS being thrown
> around as to what it is, or what it isn't. Your medical needs will NOT be
> handled by a committee. Actually, if you have Blue Cross now, you are being
> handled by a committee.
> For those of us old enough to get Medicare, we have discovered that it is
> one of the few things that are good about getting old. Unless you have an
> "advantage plan" from Blue Cross or others. The advantage part is the rip
> off. They get in the way of your access to Medicare. And they get paid to
> interfere, by you. Advantage makes the determination of what you can be
> covered on, over and above Medicare.  If the proposed health care is bad for
> you, why are the insurance pouring millions and millions into congressional
> coffers?
> The current system is what is bad, not the proposed new one.
> Bob Denton
> On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 4:34 AM, MEIERLE Mike <
>> wrote:
> > You are not that far off base. When I was in the Military, I had to get
> > a Waiver to participate in Sport Skydiving.
> >
> > Part of the waiver was If I got hurt, The Hospital Bill came out of my
> > pocket, not theirs.
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