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Re: Packing for extended touring - Midgets

Subject: Re: Packing for extended touring - Midgets
From: Matt Liggett <>
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 1995 10:34:56 -0500
At Tue, 5 Dec 1995 10:27:30 GMT, "A.D.Smith" writes:
> On the subject of packing for extended touring, I wonder if any
> midget owners can offer helpful suggestions.  We've been on two week
> camping trips in my midget - two people, camping gear, drinks, food,
> tools etc.

This is a very interesting topic for me, as my fiancee and I plan to head to 
the Southwest (New Mexico perhaps) for a 9-day mostly-camping vacation in my 
'70 Midget this Spring.

> Usually we chuck the spare wheel on the luggage rack to free up boot
> space. Has anyone any neater / more secure method of attatching the
> spare to the outside of the car somehow - I know I've asked this
> before.

...and I may have responded before.  My idea (I have wires) is to bolt a 
splined hub to the bootlid and use a swingaway luggage rack to get to it and 
still put luggage on the rack.  I'd try it if I had a spare bootlid to mangle.  
Someone on this list said they had done this with disc wheels successfully.

> I've also made up vinyl covered hardboard pieces that fit behind the
> chassis rails in the side of the boot to partition off those little
> areas along the very sides of the boot.  That way I can stuff those
> areas full of tools / oil / anti-freeze / haynes manuals / spares;
> and hold it all in with the hardboard panels.  That means that the
> whole central boot area between the chassis rails is free.

This is a good idea.  Would help keep the icky tools and fluids away from the 
clothes, etc.

> Maybe also the panel behind the seats could be changed so that it
> bows inwards into the car instead of being flat - so making the boot
> slightly bigger ?

That panel irks me.  Mine is just vinyl covered cardboard and the PO put a 
speaker on it and it sags and pulls horribly.  I want to replace it with wood 
of some kind before this trip (for better sealing and for strength).

More ideas welcome...


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