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Re: allison electronic ignition?

To: William Maxwell <>
Subject: Re: allison electronic ignition?
From: 007 <>
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 08:20:45 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 12 Dec 1995, William Maxwell wrote:

> I have a 1980 MGB with an allison elctronic ignition that constantly blows
> distributor rotors. From others I have talked to, this seems to be common
> with this brand, but I've gotten no-where with the maker of the system.Has
> anyone had any experience with this? Is there a solution or do I have to
> replace the entire system? I've had 2 mechanics on it and both tracked the
> problem down to the same source (there aren't any other shorts and
> everything else has been changed:cables, coil [stock],plugs, rotor).
> Thanks.
> William "all I want is for the damn thing to run" Maxwell
A month after getting my '79 B with the allison electronic ignition, it 
died on a freeway offramp.  I had to have it towed back home - found that 
the spark was getting to the distributor, but not getting to the wires.  
It turned out that the rotor had a carbon track shorting the spark to 
ground - got a new rotor and haven't had a problem since.  However, I 
repaired the old one as an emeregency spare just in case - scraped off 
the carbon track & sprayed the rotor with Krylon clear electronics spray 
(don't know if its still being made, its been in my garage for 15 
years).  The Krylon spray is specifically designed for high voltage 
applications, such as TV picture tubes, etc & has an extremely high 
restistance.  Used that rotor for several weeks until the new one came in.
Hope this info helps....

Jim Mellander

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