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Re: Re[2]: MG 96 at Indy

Subject: Re: Re[2]: MG 96 at Indy
From: "David M Culgan" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 95 13:59:58 EST
In message <> Mark Jurras writes:
> > 
> > What about this Tech Tip book? How can we get it?
> > ____________________________________________________________________________
> > __
> You can e-mail, write, fax or call him at University Motors in Ada, Michigan. 
> I don't have his numbers handy. The Tech book is a bunch of reprints of 
> articles he has written. Lot's of good stuff in my opinion. I can look around 
> for numbers if no one else has them.
> - -Mark
>From a post earlier this year (posted by Alan Wilson): 
>University Motors Ltd
>6490 East Fulton
>Ada Michigan 49301-9006
>616-682-0800 (from the cover of the book) They might have an 800 number also
>This is a most useful book -- plastic spiral bound and much of the material
>photocopied -- not the most elegant book in the world, but surely the most
>useful (along with the Lindsay Porter book -- Guide to purchase & DIY 
>Restoration MGB)

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