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Re: My car must be male

To: (Denise Thorpe),
Subject: Re: My car must be male
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 18:57:17 -0500
Denise,  Are there other females in this group? If there is please identify 
yourselves. At NEMGTR gatherings there are quite a few female members, owners, 
and participants,  but I haven't noticed any here. I might add that your wit 
knowledge is essential to this groups makeup. I have found that motor sport and 
interest in cars (I meet mainly MG people) have many women enthusiasts and 
participation enhances our activities in every way. Unlike many events 
the more expensive cars ( MB, Jag,Porsche etc) where the women present are 
there as additional ornaments, gals involved with MGs are part of the group and 
add to it.Lets here from the other females on this list! 

Mike Leckstein

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