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Re: SU lean/rich confussion

Subject: Re: SU lean/rich confussion
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 13:35:47 -0500
Kevin wrote:

>Been there.  The colourtune doesn't actually tell you the mixture.  It 
>just shows you one view of the flame.  I had old, high resistance plug 
>wires and the colourtune showed "rich" even when the carbs were so leaned 
>out you couldn't drive it.  Once I got the new wires on the mixture 
>adjusted by ear (lift the piston) easily.  Colortune is interesting but I 
>don't need it and wish I'd saved the money.  I will be spending some 
>soon.  Baby wants an engine rebuild for Christmas.
>Anyway, back to your problem.  Bad coil, cap, rotor, wires, or plugs 
>(well, the colourtune _is_ your plug in this case) will give you a poorer 
>"yellow" burn.  Make sure you're getting good spark.
Thanks for the reply.

The plugs are new, but I'm waiting on backordered wires from Moss.  Hope the
wires will help.  The DPO claims only 4500 miles on the wires on now and they
do >>look<< to be in good shape.  I'll check the resistance on the wires this
weekend while I'm waiting for new ones.
The DPO also put a newer plug-in type upright distributor cap on the original
distributor which normally has the side entry wires.  I don't know if this
makes a difference, cap looks almost new and the rotor and contacts look good
inside, but I'm going back to the side entry cap and wires.  Thanks for the
colortune info. Not the perfect tuning tool, eh?

Keith (all I want for xmas is a decent idle) Baer

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