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Re: SU lean/rich confussion

Subject: Re: SU lean/rich confussion
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 15:48:27 -0500
you wrote:

>I'm intrigued by the fact that the idle wanders over about a 500 rpm range 
>(that's what I get from your original posting).  Is the idle wander regular 
>(rhythmic) or is it sort of random?  My jag has a pretty rythmic fluctuation

>in idle (over about 200 rpm).  My mechanic and I never really found the 
>problem, but decided that as it spends about 1% of the time at idle, and 
>otherwise runs fine, to just not stew over it.  
It >>is<< a pretty dramatic range of RPM at idle.  The slowest "most smooth"
idle is at about 1400 rpm, but it will vary from there up to 1800 and down to
about 1200.  At lower speeds the variation is probably just as pronounced,
but at less than 1000 rpm it runs so rough that its hard to tell.  The
fluctuation is very erratic, random, and not rythmic at all.  The digital
tach reading bounces all over and, under 1000 rpm, the tach wants to bounce
off the firewall ledge onto the floor.

Thanks for the responce.

Keith (all I want for xmas is a decent idle) Baer

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