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Re: SU lean/rich confussion

Subject: Re: SU lean/rich confussion
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 18:17:02 -0500
Roger wrote:

>Have you done a compression test? Do you have the right fuel pump (1 1/2-3
1/3 >psi)? >Are the floats at the right level, and not sinking?

Haven't done the compression test lately.  I'll add that to the list for this
weekend.  As far as I can tell the float levels are set correctly (1/8 inch).
 I don't know about the fuel pump pressure.  Some may remember the "constant
clicking" fuel pump question I posted recently. I haven't been able to
investigate the pump thoroughly yet, but I do have a good visible fuel level
in the jets.  Is there a simple way to measure the fuel pump psi?
>maybe this will help, if you haven't seen it before...
>                       Tuning Your S.U. Carbs
>                                       -Roger Garnett      Rev. 12/5/91 
>>>big snip>>>

I have the Haynes SU carb manual.  The tuning description looks very
familiar, but I don't remember seeing the ale and voodoo parts!  I just knew
I must have been skipping critical steps!

Keith (all I want for xmas is a decent idle) Baer

ps.  I have to be away from my car AND my computer next week over the
holidays (expecting severe withdrawal symptoms), so I'll have to get back to
everyone on what I've found after new years.

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