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RE: dashpot oil

To: "Unger, Larry G" <>,
Subject: RE: dashpot oil
From: Skip Kelsey <>
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 17:33:42 -0800

Evan though I sell the "right stuff", I stick with SAE 20 engine oil. If it
makes one feel better, take the bottle that the "right stuff" came in, and
keep filling it with SAE 20. It will work just as the car maker prescribed,
but will look right smart.

Skip..............At 08:18 PM 4/4/98 -0500, Unger, Larry G wrote:
>> Gotta line up behind Chip on this one.  Every time I
>> see the ad in Moss Motors for the special "damper oil",
>> my eyes get misty in admiration for the marketing folks
>> who thought that one up.  I mean, it really appeals to
>> you, doesn't it - use the "correct" stuff in those
>> incredibly complex and demanding SU carbs.....beautiful.
>Yep ...and don't forget the little bottle ... I'm sure
>that it cost them more to manufacture that then to fill
>it with the "correct" stuff (aka motor oil).  I must admit
>that I just had to have one of those nifty little bottles
>with SU stamped on it ... well at least its easy to refill
>and it helps this OF remember what to put into carbs ... ;^)
>Safety Fast! ...
>'61 MGA 1600 MkII

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