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Re: Slowing the Fuel Gauge Fluctuation on an LBC

Subject: Re: Slowing the Fuel Gauge Fluctuation on an LBC
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 19:44:09
At 01:42 PM 8/20/99 EDT, wrote:
>.... One advantage of the setup you have without damping is that your fuel
gauge doubles as a G meter,.... :-). ....

I actually like the wobbly fuel gauge.  I am often running the tank near
empty for a couple of reasons.  When autocrossing I don't like to carry the
excess weight of the extra fuel load, so I like to arive on site with a
moderately low fuel reading.  Also, I usually run cheap Regular gas for
touring, but for autocrossing (especially in hot weather) I like to use
Premium fuel for its low vapor pressure characterists (less likely to vapor
lock).  I stay away from alcohol laden fuels for the same reason.  The idea
is to run the tank down very near empty and then put in a few gallons of
Premium for racing.  Then for the trip home fill it up with the cheap stuff

In this process there is great risk of running dry if one is not
particularly observant of the odometer and the fuel gauge at low levels.
With the gauge that dances in harmony with the sloshing fuel it's possible
(with a little practice) to read the fuel level to the nearest pint or so
when it's near empty.  If the needle is sitting on "E" but it wiggles a bit
when I swerve the car, then the fuel is still sloshing, so I figure there's
still at least a quart in there.  When I swerve the car and the needle
doesn't move from the "E", then I am very near the next fuel stop, whether
there's a filling station around or not.  <8^(

Practice makes perfect.  If you're not sure, then either fill it up again
at 1/4 tank or carry a gallon in a fuel can.  I do not recommend carrying a
can of fuel anywhere in the car except in dire emergency.  When I did in
the past carry a can of fuel it was always in (or on) the trailer, so if it
ever did cause a problem it was far less likely to involve the car.

Safety faster,

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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