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Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?

To: MG List <>
Subject: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:57:14

Having lusted after MGB/Cs since I can remember, I've finally started an
informal but active search for one (that is, my wife won't object anymore,
so I'm keeping an eye out for one).  My personal fondness is for a green
MGB or MGC, most any variation in decent condition, but I found someone
locally who has what looks like an American Limited Edition for sale - it's
1980, black with the white logo and stripes (the ALE is the only one with
that detailing, correct?), 78k miles on the odometer, and US$4900 on the
sticker.  Sitting in it brought back memories, although I don't much care
for the black color myself (not inviting).  I didn't get to test it or lift
the bonnet, but it's been on my mind (I'm sure you all know the feeling).

First question, is it an ALE?  (I'll go back and check the numbering, but
my schedule makes it difficult to do this for at least a week I think).
Being black with white logo and multistriping it could qualify, and I don't
think any other model had the multistriping and logo on the side. Second,
any thoughts or history on the ALE?  I think there was about 6000 of them
made.  Good reputation, or ?  They were near the end of production, of course.

Or, if anyone has a nice green one to sell.... :)

- Tab

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