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Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?

To: "Tab Julius" <>, "MG List" <>
Subject: Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?
From: "Gordon Bird" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 08:51:32 -0400

The ALE also had an air dam up front if I am not mistaken.  Also should be a
dash plaque identifying it as an LE.  It also sported a special alloy wheel.
I believe there are other identifiers, maybe a different steering wheel?
'62 MGA
'86 4kcsq

> Hi,
> Having lusted after MGB/Cs since I can remember, I've finally started an
> informal but active search for one (that is, my wife won't object anymore,
> so I'm keeping an eye out for one).  My personal fondness is for a green
> MGB or MGC, most any variation in decent condition, but I found someone
> locally who has what looks like an American Limited Edition for sale -
> 1980, black with the white logo and stripes (the ALE is the only one with
> that detailing, correct?), 78k miles on the odometer, and US$4900 on the
> sticker.  Sitting in it brought back memories, although I don't much care
> for the black color myself (not inviting).  I didn't get to test it or
> the bonnet, but it's been on my mind (I'm sure you all know the feeling).
> First question, is it an ALE?  (I'll go back and check the numbering, but
> my schedule makes it difficult to do this for at least a week I think).
> Being black with white logo and multistriping it could qualify, and I
> think any other model had the multistriping and logo on the side. Second,
> any thoughts or history on the ALE?  I think there was about 6000 of them
> made.  Good reputation, or ?  They were near the end of production, of
> Or, if anyone has a nice green one to sell.... :)
> - Tab

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