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Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?

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Subject: Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:04:03 +1000

> so I'm keeping an eye out for one).  My personal fondness is for a green
> MGB or MGC, most any variation in decent condition, but I found someone

Well for $5K you should be able to get yourself into a nice B or a passable
C from what I've seen on the Net. If you can find a C - a Roadster, then I
would buy it if it's in reasonable condition. It may not handle as well as a
B with that monstrous lump of a motor, but a) they are much more unique b)
*I* think the Bonnet Bulge looks ultra cool c) *I* think the 15" wires
really make the car d) That 6 cyl motor w/od is much better suited to
cruising American Freeways than the 4 is e) If you want to make it 'feral',
boy can it be made feral!

It's really up to one thing in my mind - budget, timeframe and comfort. A
late B is much more 'comfortable' say interior wise than an early car. BUT a
late car is less powerful than an early B/ esp. C and doesn't handle as well
(stock I'm talking about here).

One day I want to add a CGT to my 'stable' <G> as I think the C looks
awesome in GT form. But the Twin Cam A might have to take priority!!! (keep
dreaming Neil ;)

One thing to keep in mind, spend AGES searching, there are so many MG's out
there so take your time and get the best one - haggle haggle haggle, these
aren't rare cars remember. I would buy from a MG Car Club member first,
dealers always make me wary, they just buy and sell and most of the time
know little about the cars they are selling and do almost anything for a
sale. Look in your local club classifieds for a start. You'll probably find
an enthusiast with a car thats really been well looked after.


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