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Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?

To: "Neil Cotty" <>
Subject: Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 01:15:42

Thanks.  I'll be willing to push $6k, but probably would have a hard time
justifying anything over that (if that, particularly up here).  Granted,
that's for a car that's WORTH $6k.  But I've seen these ads for "Must let
go - over $27,000 invested" and that's just a leetle too rich for my taste.
More than happy to buy from a listmember.  I am not a mechanic by any
stretch of the imagination, although I'd like to learn on one of these.

I'm in New England (New Hampshire specifically).  Comfort is fine; I don't
need every last horsepower, but it does need to move and run well.  If
anyone has anything interesting, please email me.  As far as the LE, I
think I'll hold out and see if I get something more to my liking first.

- Tab

At 03:04 PM 8/26/99 +1000, Neil Cotty wrote:
>> so I'm keeping an eye out for one).  My personal fondness is for a green
>> MGB or MGC, most any variation in decent condition, but I found someone
>Well for $5K you should be able to get yourself into a nice B or a passable
>C from what I've seen on the Net. If you can find a C - a Roadster, then I
>would buy it if it's in reasonable condition. It may not handle as well as a
>B with that monstrous lump of a motor, but a) they are much more unique b)
>*I* think the Bonnet Bulge looks ultra cool c) *I* think the 15" wires
>really make the car d) That 6 cyl motor w/od is much better suited to
>cruising American Freeways than the 4 is e) If you want to make it 'feral',
>boy can it be made feral!
>It's really up to one thing in my mind - budget, timeframe and comfort. A
>late B is much more 'comfortable' say interior wise than an early car. BUT a
>late car is less powerful than an early B/ esp. C and doesn't handle as well
>(stock I'm talking about here).
>One day I want to add a CGT to my 'stable' <G> as I think the C looks
>awesome in GT form. But the Twin Cam A might have to take priority!!! (keep
>dreaming Neil ;)
>One thing to keep in mind, spend AGES searching, there are so many MG's out
>there so take your time and get the best one - haggle haggle haggle, these
>aren't rare cars remember. I would buy from a MG Car Club member first,
>dealers always make me wary, they just buy and sell and most of the time
>know little about the cars they are selling and do almost anything for a
>sale. Look in your local club classifieds for a start. You'll probably find
>an enthusiast with a car thats really been well looked after.

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