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Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?

Subject: Re: Thoughts on a American Limited Edition?
From: Steve Walker <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:34:16 -0400
I have cosmetically created LE - it was a '78 burgundy MGB roadster. Now
it's still '78 (!), black, and has the following LE items:

Air dam
Steering wheel
Road wheels
Dash plaque
Luggage rack

I believe these were provided to US dealers as an upgrade kit. This was
done by a previous owner - it's been mine for over two weeks now......

Steve Walker

At 09:11 AM 8/26/99 -0400, you wrote:
>When I get back I'll check it more closely, and try to grab the number too.
> There was an air dam, I do remember that, but other models had air dams too.
>At 08:51 AM 8/26/99 -0400, Gordon Bird wrote:
>>The ALE also had an air dam up front if I am not mistaken.  Also should be a
>>dash plaque identifying it as an LE.  It also sported a special alloy wheel.
>>I believe there are other identifiers, maybe a different steering wheel?
>>'62 MGA
>>'86 4kcsq

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