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Shame on you

Subject: Shame on you
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 00:09:55 EDT
I am relatively quiet on the list. I am an avid LBC owner and fan and have 
been for since I bought my first TR4 when I was 15 years old and I am 41 now. 
I have known many LBC owners with cars in all kinds of conditions. All were 
loved by the owners. We all make modifications to our cars to make them more 
enjoyable to us or someone we love. If this were not true no one would be 
putting V8's in them or put in an AC unit or 5 speed gearboxes. Lots of our 
cars are ugly and we still love them. Probably many of us could and I'm sure 
do own more exotic cars but we still love our LBC's. I like being on the list 
so I can learn, occasionally offer help and just because like to hear stories 
from other owners. I think it is terrible the things I read tonight. You are 
picking on this poor guy and no nothing about it or him. His car would not be 
my choice of cars to buy either, I would not want and auto trans and I love 
the sound of a British engine. I also don't really like purple (there are 
many stock MG colors I don't like either), and wouldn't pay that much money 
for the car even if it was stock. But I felt I needed to apologize to this 
poor man for the lists behavior, especially after hearing about mirroring his 
page and forwarding the flames to him, that was mean. So I sent him an email 
tonight and this is his reply.

I appreciate your note.  I did not know anything about the ridiculing I was 
getting since I do not belong to that list, I own a Bugeye and am on the 
Spridget list.  I got a couple messages from people asking me why I would do 
that to a car.  Then I got another one that was CC'd to me which included 
several derogatory remarks about my taste and financial status.  What they 
don't realize is the car was built several years ago by an elderly gentleman 
for his granddaughter to go off to college.  Unfortunately, she was killed in 
an accident before she graduated high school.  The car sat for a few years in 
his backyard, and then he decided to sell it.  I bought it for my wife, but 
she complains about it being too hot here in Central California (107 today) 
for a convertible.  So, it's for sale.
I wish you well and thank you again.   

I believe most people on the list joined for the same reasons I did and I am 
willing to bet that most want to keep it that way.
--Mike Quinn

67 Triumph TR4A-IRS

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