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Re: Shame on you

Subject: Re: Shame on you
From: "Kai M. Radicke" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 08:30:31 -0400
I seriously disagree with you and with the seller's reply.

He read the messages out of context, what I forwarded were all valid
questions and thoughts on the car.

Scott's comment on "I guess he couldn't afford the other wiper" was in no
way an attack on his financial status, but a very good inquiry into why the
passenger side wiper is missing.  Along with the numerous other items that
are missing on the car.  Like the incorrect petrol filler cap, the wrong and
questionable gauges, the deleted heater / blower unit, etc etc etc.

I have no remorse for doing this, as the seller is misleading people by not
providing all the details in his eBay auction.  It is one thing to provide
photographs of the car, it does look quite "presentable," however
photographs do not provide the history or details about the life of the car.
And as I had suspected, and as the author confirmed to you, the car sat for
a great deal of time in poor storage conditions, and the only clue is
careful inspection of the engine bay in which there are masked leaves

Things such as the cooling system of the motor are a major thing.  The lack
of any description of what is available under the bonnet is disheartening,
and the lack of any imagery showing cooling aparatus is also not appeasing.

What he doesn't tell us, is left for us to assume and critisize.  Therefore
I do not feel as if I have done anything wrong, infact I wish there were
some method of informing ALL of those bidding on the car of every erroneous
detail we found with the car.

Lastly, midway thru the seller's procession of pictures of the car, these
two sentences can be found...

"Sorry to sound harsh, but I have sold several cars on eBay and had a bad
experience with a bidder on a $9,000 plus auction. We can all thank
"wolfe47" for that! "

Gee I wonder why?  Perhaps, he misrepresented that car as well.

And misrepresentation is certianly what he is doing with this auction.  We
are all aware buyers, and we all know what a proper '66 MGB should contain
and look like... but do the 20 people on eBay who are thinking "wow, that
looks like a nice car...the pictures sure look nice" have the knowledge and
experience that can be found on this list?

As for the seller's removal of the GeoCities page with the photographs, why
would someone interested in selling a car do that?  Does he have something
to hide?  Too bad he hasn't cancelled the eBay auction yet, that is what he
should do.

When you are purchasing a used car, you don't look for the good points...

>From seller's eBay feedback file.  (When I purchase items worth large
amounts of money on eBay, I do not like to see neutral or negative
feedback... our favourite seller, has quite a few)

I'll close with...

"Seller was not truthful about description of item, e-mail me for details "
"not totally honest on car.sound car but did not run on
"The car was as described but seller failed to do some things he said he
would do"
"Seller not truthful about condition of car(PAINT & TOP), BIDDERS

Those are all rather recent complaints in his eBay feedback file.

chocks away,

Kai M. Radicke --
Not the only '74 Triumph TR6 in hibernation
Not the only rusty '66 MGB in Pennsylvania

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