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Re: Shame on you

Subject: Re: Shame on you
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 02:04:53 EDT
Well, Since I sent the first reply to the original post let me comment on a 
few of your points.

In a message dated 8/25/99 9:11:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

> Lots of our 
>  cars are ugly and we still love them. 
Yep, you got that right.  In appearance my B would be considered a beater.  
The difference is I don't claim that it is a 95+ point car.  You will note 
the use of the word appearance in that sentence, mechanically mine is right.  
One of these days I will do all the body work and interior and then it will 
be as good appearance wise as it is mechanically.  In the meantime it's kinda 
fun to blow off some shiny new Honda with a 5" exhaust pipe in a beater.

> Probably many of us could and I'm sure do own more exotic cars but we still 
love our LBC's. 
Yes, yes, and yes.

> I like being on the list so I can learn, occasionally offer help and just 
because like to hear 
> stories from other owners. 
Yes, I agree.

> I think it is terrible the things I read tonight.  You are picking on this 
poor guy and no nothing about it or him. 
We are making no more fun of him then we would have made of Lonn Howard if he 
had taken my suggestion and painted his fenderwells hot frekin pink.  I have 
just reread my post and there are no comments directed against the 
individual.  I was not making fun of him, rather I was making fun of his car, 
there is a difference.  As far as knowing about his car, geez, how many 
pictures did he post?  Answer, enough to know that this car is not what I 
would consider a jewel.  I think it fair to say that his description of his 
car was ah, ah, oh, how shall I say this, ah, optimistic to say the least.  
If this individual had sent an e-mail to this list asking for any kind of 
help, I'm sure the group would have responded, as they do to every problem, 
some answers are serious, some humorous but everybody pitches in.  This is 
not the case here, he was advertising for sale an item which in the 
collective wisdom of this list was overpriced for its condition.  Kinda like 
the time the guy was SELLING a free catalog (Moss or VB) on E-Bay I recall a 
number of funny posts about that.

In the famous words of Vince Sabio the moderator of the Humournet mailing 
list:  "Anyone Without a Sense of Humour
is at the Mercy of the Rest of Us!"
Flame suit on!
Rick Ewald
67 B needing paint and interior
various Volvos right now a 2000 S40

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