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Re: My Early BGT

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Subject: Re: My Early BGT
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 12:58:51 +1000

> borrowed one from Ken Costello to look at how he did it), and the first
> production GT-V8's didn't come out until '73, I do know the Malcom Beer

Yep. 1973 was the first year of V8 production. You guys never got them in
the US eh? We have quite a few here in Sydney. I've seen a nice Black RB in
Balmain, a White CB just around the corner from me.. Still prefer a CGT to a
V8. Something about them, I mean a V8 looks like a GT with some alloy's and
a lift in ride height... A C looks, well, different, more 'balls out' <G>. A
V8 sells for 15K over a std GT here. Not worth the $ IMHO. A good V8 is
probably  $30-35K, a CGT somewhat 10K less, and a Twin Cam A around $40K. My
money is going on the Twin cam. :)

Sydney, Australia

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