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Re: My Early BGT

To: "Tab Julius" <>, "David F. Darby" <>
Subject: Re: My Early BGT
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 19:16:10 +0100
GHD3L is a 4-cylinder GT, Mark I (62-67), left-hand drive.  Not sure where
you got the reference to V8 from, they are coded G-D2D1 and ran from Dec 72
to Jul 76.


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From: Tab Julius <>
To: David F. Darby <>
Cc: RL Chrysler <lchrysl@fhs.csu.McMaster.CA>;
Date: 29 August 1999 05:48
Subject: Re: My Early BGT

>I just went back to look it up in Original MGB (Clausager) which on page
>118 notes "The third series of car numbers was that used for the MGB GT V8
>which ran from 101 to 2903" (poster indicated he had #2450).
>If you know for a fact that the V8 didn't appear until 72 (as some of the
>other records indicate) I'll go with it.  There's a contradiction - the
>tables don't show it until 72 but Clausager said it was a V8.  However,
>authors aren't always correct, so I'll vote with the tables if you're
>- Tab
>At 11:37 PM 8/28/99 -0500, David F. Darby wrote:
>>In response to RL Chrysler, Tab Julius wrote:
>>>GHD3L indicates a MGB GT V8, Mark I series (1962 to 1967), left-hand
>>> The 84510 however places it in 1966 production, unless I looked it up
>>>wrong.  Was it registered as a '65 model, or FIRST registered in >'65?
>>Everything here is correct except it does not indicate a V8. They didn't
>>appear until 1972. The first GT was car No: 71933, built in September of

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