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Re: My Early BGT

To: "David F. Darby" <>
Subject: Re: My Early BGT
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 00:46:47
I just went back to look it up in Original MGB (Clausager) which on page
118 notes "The third series of car numbers was that used for the MGB GT V8
which ran from 101 to 2903" (poster indicated he had #2450).

If you know for a fact that the V8 didn't appear until 72 (as some of the
other records indicate) I'll go with it.  There's a contradiction - the
tables don't show it until 72 but Clausager said it was a V8.  However,
authors aren't always correct, so I'll vote with the tables if you're

- Tab

At 11:37 PM 8/28/99 -0500, David F. Darby wrote:
>In response to RL Chrysler, Tab Julius wrote:
>>GHD3L indicates a MGB GT V8, Mark I series (1962 to 1967), left-hand drive.
>> The 84510 however places it in 1966 production, unless I looked it up
>>wrong.  Was it registered as a '65 model, or FIRST registered in >'65?
>Everything here is correct except it does not indicate a V8. They didn't
>appear until 1972. The first GT was car No: 71933, built in September of

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