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Re: Moss Motors

To: James Nazarian Jr <James.Nazarian@Colorado.EDU>
Subject: Re: Moss Motors
From: Linda Gaubert <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 06:37:57 -0500
Jim---I could not have said it better.  Don't get me wrong, Moss is a
terrific organization.  The parts you get from the distributor come from
Moss.  The little guy is the one with the yard full of parts cars and
the years of mechanical expertise he is willing to share with you.  He
often has the hard or impossible to find small pieces on the shelf. 
But, he will not be around long if you only patronize him for the last
couple of grommets you need to finish a restoration.  Keep these guys in
business for everyones benefit.  You may or may not save money depending
on the individual parts markup, but becoming a regular customer pays
mountains of dividends not available in the supermarket.

Ed Gaubert

James Nazarian Jr wrote:
> I'll agree, although moss itself has always been great with me and fixed
> any problems immediately, I find distributors better.  First off you are
> supporting a small local shop.  Secondly they usually have common parts on
> hand so that you don't have to wait for shipping.  And lastly, if there is
> a problem, chances are they will remember you and help you out.  In my
> opinion the biggest advantage is supporting the local shops, because I
> hate the idea of buying a part for a special car from a supermarket size
> distrubutor.  Even thought they are still Moss parts I like throwing my
> business to the private shops because in them lies much expertise and
> passion that makes our hobby what it is.
> James Nazarian
> '71 B roadster
> '71 BGT rust free and burnt orange
> '74 BGT going by-by soon
> '63 Buick 215
> On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Linda Gaubert wrote:
> > FOR WHAT ITS WORTH--try dealing with Moss Distributors---usually much
> > smaller independent businessmen who are usually enthusiasts
> > themselves---they tend to weed out the bad quality parts before you see
> > them
> >
> >
> >
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > > Has anyone else here had any problems with Moss?
> > >
> > > Hahaha..  What a stupid question..  OF COURSE!!!!!   It's Moss Moters..  I
> > > have horror stories concerning Moss..  Numerous!!!  I think in an earlier
> > > message it was questioned if Moss gouges us.  HELL YES!!!  I pulled a 
> > > of weatherstripping off my car..  It had this unique shape.. Unique 
> > > I see a part number in the moss catalog. Wonderful I think.  I get the 
> > >  For $5.50 I get a 6" piece of cheap weatherstripping that for the price I
> > > can get 10' of the exact same stuff at the hardwhere store..   Whats up 
> > > that???  Moss must realy think we are idiots.  And I dont want to get into
> > > all the parts of such poor quality they never made it to my car!!!  I can
> > > call Moss.. Sometimes they help.. Other time they just dont want to hear 
> > > I'm saying.  I have spent thousands of dollars at Moss..  Many Moss parts 
> > > on my car..  I also have a big box of parts that are so crappy and can't
> > > return that I'd love to throw it through their front window.  SO just 
> > > of Moss and and resolve yourself to having to put up with them...
> >

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