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Re: Moss Motors

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Subject: Re: Moss Motors
From: "Charles D. Sorkin" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 10:56:21 -0500
Although I cannot speak for the skill of the Moss folks in terms of their
mail order prowess, I have been very happy with the advice and helpfulness
of their staff at the New Jersey warehouse/store.

I can't remember the name of the fellow who took my order, but he was bery
happy to step outside, look under the hood, and consult with me about
different types of fuel line that I needed, the anti-rattle plunger for the
gear shift, and the license plate light assembly, all of which required some
questioning before placing my order.  He was also candid about a couple of
Moss products to avoid.

Including:  the distributor gear removal tool.  (It is the same size
threaded rod as is used in the air cleaner cover).
Dashpot oil (its not superior to automatic transmission fluid or 3-in-1)
Brake adjusting tool (you need to bend it further in order to make it fit in
Lock set (the Spitfire door locks are much easier to mount)

and a few other things.

Regardless, I found a local parts vendor who is closer to my home and
charges 10% less than the Moss catalog anyway, and is highly knowledgeable
about what I need.


'74 Midget
'68 Sprite
Bloomfield, NJ

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