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Re: Moss Motors

Subject: Re: Moss Motors
From: Carl French <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 09:05:36 -0500
> > FOR WHAT ITS WORTH--try dealing with Moss Distributors---usually much
> > smaller independent businessmen who are usually enthusiasts
> > themselves---they tend to weed out the bad quality parts before you see
> > them

I heartly agree, It is important to purchase through these local shops
because we need them so bad. I do purchase some from Moss direct to keep
things fair. Do keep in mind that Moss's new December plan (spend XX
dollars and they send you free goodies) is not helping the retailers
because that cuts them out of the loop. I was kind eyeing the steering
wheel at the $500 level but I have to be loyal to my local Guy (Sam, at
Britbits). Oh well, maybe MG magic will repay me by finding that old
Moto-Lita wheel in a parts heap.

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