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Re: Moss Motors

Subject: Re: Moss Motors
From: Matt Pringle <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 08:18:07 -0500

How many vintage cars are there out there where one can pick up a phone
and order virtually any replacement part imaginable for cars as old as
50 years?

I can think of two, our LBC's and Beetles.  Moss makes it possible for
many of our cars to still be on the road and to still be affordable,
unique, transportation instead of having to custom machine parts.  In
which case our daily drivers would become trailer queens by neccesity.

So they charged you $5.50 for cheap weatherstripping that you could have
got for $2 at the hardware store.  Big deal, so you could have saved
$3.50.  That's a premium I'm glad to pay knowing that if I need anew
fuel pump, starter, points, etc, etc, etc. I can get them.

Matt wrote:
> > Has anyone else here had any problems with Moss?
> Hahaha..  What a stupid question..  OF COURSE!!!!!   It's Moss Moters..  I
> have horror stories concerning Moss..  Numerous!!!  I think in an earlier
> message it was questioned if Moss gouges us.  HELL YES!!!  I pulled a piece
> of weatherstripping off my car..  It had this unique shape.. Unique materal..
> I see a part number in the moss catalog. Wonderful I think.  I get the part..
>  For $5.50 I get a 6" piece of cheap weatherstripping that for the price I
> can get 10' of the exact same stuff at the hardwhere store..   Whats up with
> that???  Moss must realy think we are idiots.  And I dont want to get into
> all the parts of such poor quality they never made it to my car!!!  I can
> call Moss.. Sometimes they help.. Other time they just dont want to hear what
> I'm saying.  I have spent thousands of dollars at Moss..  Many Moss parts are
> on my car..  I also have a big box of parts that are so crappy and can't
> return that I'd love to throw it through their front window.  SO just beware
> of Moss and and resolve yourself to having to put up with them...

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