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Re: Panhard Rod

To: mgs <>
Subject: Re: Panhard Rod
From: Eric <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 02:39:13 +0000
Paul wrote:
> You mention 'panhard rod (V8-style)' as if it was a standard item on 
> V8s, it wasn't on the factory V8. 

Yeah... I threw that in as an afterthought simply because it seems most
of the real heavy-duty stiffening was done mostly on V8's (more power -
more weight??).  I hope that didn't throw anyone.

> if the rear is stiffened the front has to be more so to
> prevent handling problems.  

Remember, I have already stiffened the front end with about as heavy a
bar as I am likely to put on the beast (plus V8/nolathane bushes to
handle the bashing the front end now gets).

I have also been told to ensure that the ride height is managed properly
i.e. make sure the back is higher than the front?

I know that I am treading on the toes of the guys who worked out the
geometry and ride in the first place (and smart guys they probably were)
but of course they were looking at handling AND comfort whereas comfort
comes second on the track.

My 'B doesn't have speed so all I have left is braking and handling 


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