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Re: Panhard Rod

Subject: Re: Panhard Rod
From: Eric <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 03:15:20 +0000
Jim wrote:
> Your description leads me to think this is "bump in a curve, rear 
> axle hop". 


> An improvement will be achieved by stiffer rear shocks, and/or a 
> rear anti-sway bar. I do not know what effect a Panhard rod should 
> be expected to have on rear axle hop, but I think it has more to do 
> with torque steer found in cars with lotssa torque, like the V-8. 
> That might suggest that a Panhard rod isn't worth buying in this 
> situation.


Sounds sort of like this, doesn't it.  You would think "torque steer"
would hardly be a consideration with the stock 1800cc :-)  BUT, I would
not rule out a benefit for me from the panhard, simply because the
racing side of things has me with the foot flat down through/coming out
of esses and hairpins.  

(The British Automotive site -thanks for the link, Larry- also suggests
the panhard rod is a solution for rear axle torque steer)

I was thinking, that maybe that the centrifugal force coupled with my
acceleration (such that it is) might still shove the axle in directions
that weren't beneficial.

BUT... I may have two problems here that I am trying to find an
unobtainable single solution for.

Thanks again... comments well and truly noted.


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