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Re: Panhard Rod

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: Re: Panhard Rod
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 10:02:58 -0600
Paul, Though the first post spoke of stiffening the rear by addition of a
panhard rod, the panhard rod will only locate the rear axle on a horizontal
plane.  It will not stiffen the rear.  John

Paul Hunt wrote:

> You mention 'panhard rod (V8-style)' as if it was a standard item on V8s, it
> wasn't on the factory V8.  I too have noticed increased oversteer with only
> mild stiffening at the rear.  I have had information from a couple of
> sources now that if the rear is stiffened the front has to be more so to
> prevent handling problems.  One of these sources related to the Audi TT that
> was recalled for a slightly thinner rear bar and a slightly thicker front
> bar to correct terminal oversteer.  The 'terminal' in this case related to
> the occupants of a number of cars, that is, it killed them.  Be careful.
> PaulH.
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> From: Eric <>
> To: mgs <>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 1999 1:21 AM
> Subject: Panhard Rod
> > A couple of questions for you all....
> >
> > 1. A while ago I took the advice of this list (well... you know what I
> > mean) and I fitted a lot of V8-type bits and pieces to strengthen and/or
> > stiffen up the front suspension of my '68 (stock) MGB.  This was mainly
> > because I was getting her/myself into sprint 'races'.  What a great
> > improvement to handling - all was worth it.
> >
> > Then, because we always want... MORE..., I went a step further and
> > uprated the sway bar to a bloody great 7/8 in an effort to try to keep
> > both rear wheels on the ground during heavy cornering.  Without a LSD
> > that 'flying' wheel was pretty useless spinning away when I wanted to go
> > forward!  The 7/8 sway bar did the trick, but I had to learn a few more
> > tricks to handle the additional oversteer that initially threw me off
> > into the dust more than once.
> >
> > I now find on winding, bumpy roads, the car tends to 'shimmy' about -
> > and on real corrugations she can tend to take herself towards the edge
> > of the roadway.  Am I right in blaming the sway bar for this
> > disconcerting movement?
> >
> > 2.  My next thought is now to stiffen up the rear end with the addition
> > of a panhard rod (V8-style).  Any thoughts on this?
> >
> > Yes, she does ride the bumps pretty hard now (hell, who needs to let the
> > suspension do its job) but seeing as I have gone this far am I going to
> > see a significant improvement by limiting the rear axle movement with
> > the panhard rod?
> >
> > 3.  I have searched the 'Net... and a few online catalogs... but I can't
> > find a price on a panhard rod for my 'B.
> >
> > Can someone throw me the price of a new item and maybe what I could get
> > one for 2nd hand?  I have had an offer of one locally (Australia) that I
> > am told is a Moss item but the person offering couldn't give me a price
> > at the time (I assume he bought it and didn't pinch it:-) and I couldn't
> > see the price in the online Moss catalog- so I wonder what I should
> > offer.
> >
> > Any advice gratefully received.
> >
> >
> > Eric
> > '68MGB MkII

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