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Re: Car covers

Subject: Re: Car covers
From: Steve Bettencourt <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 07:52:30 -0500
        Last spring I needed a cover for my '79 B because the T-Bucket needed to
reclaim its place in the garage. I looked in all the local automotive
stores intending to buy a Technilon (sp?) cover and ready to pay for it
but there were none to be found in the smallest size. 

        By chance I went into the local Big K Mart after another frustrating
search and found a cover made by Budge called "The Shield". They had it
in size 1 to fit the B, claimed it was waterproof (not water resistant)
and breathable. Plus it was only $50.00 (US). It is made from an Amoco
fiber and is guaranteed for 10 years. In practice it worked great because
right after I got it we had torrential rains and the car stayed dry. The
windshield leaks badly and there wasn't a drop of water inside. Needless
to say I was pleased with my purchase. 

        So if you want a good performing cover try one of those. The B doesn't
stay outside anymore because this past fall I got it a "portable" garage
so now it sleeps in there.


On Tue, 14 Dec 1999 10:58:59 -0500 writes:
> I agree with the sentiment that these covers aren't at all 
> waterproof.  In fact, the lower end models which are said to be 
> water resistant and breathe, are practically worthless.  The 
> SpunBound (or SpunBond?) type is essentially a glorified form of 
> Cheesecloth.  I was very disappointed.  I ordered it from Victoria 
> British after the telephone clerk assured me that it was watertight. 
>  I wanted something for "emergency protection," like a surprise 
> thunderstorm on a Summer evening.  I'd be able to just pull over 
> somewhere and put the cover on the car, and hide out at a 
> restaurant, gas station, or
> under an umbrella.  (I don't mind driving in rain, but the Midget 
> isn't really watertight in any traditional sense of the word.)
> I think the best weather protection is a modular fabric-covered 
> carport.  If you find one second hand, it could be a lot cheaper 
> that the top-of-the-line car covers, which go up to about $200.
> Frankly though, I'm intrigued by the "inflatable bubble" fan-vented 
> car capsule that's advertised in Hemming's.
> Regards,
> Charles
> '74 Midget
> '68 SPrite
> Bloomfield, NJ

Steve Bettencourt

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