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RE: Update on the '71 B I looked at...

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Subject: RE: Update on the '71 B I looked at...
From: douglas wilson <>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 17:06:48 -0500
Craig, I know from my experiences it is really easy to not think objectively 
when looking for a LBC. If you can get it started will the salesman allow you 
to drive it to a LBC type mechanic for a real going over? There are lots of 
cars for sale and I'd hate to see someone get stuck with a money pit. Can you 
contact the previous owner? There is no hurry, this type of car is not an easy 
sell at a car lot. Be careful.  Best of luck. Thanks for letting us know about 
your adventure in car hunting.                 Doug Wilson      76B 

From:   Craig D. Niederst
Sent:   Friday, December 17, 1999 10:49 PM
To:     MG List
Subject:        Update on the '71 B I looked at...

Well, this one was one of the "structurally" better ones I have looked at.
Car was teal blue (respray, but a very good job), and had the Autumn Leaf
interior. Inner sills were solid, no rust on outer rockers (or bondo),
underside of car looked solid after some probing. Did find some bondo, but
was in dogleg sections on each side. Floorboards had surface scale rust on
them, and found one 1/2 inch hole through the passenger side floorboard
(could be patched). Chrome was OK. The interior was shot (will need seat
covers, webbings, foam, door panels, carpet, steering wheel had surface
rust) and the faces on all gauges were peeling. Top in good shape. When I
called about the car, I was told that it ran and was drivable. Well, when I
went there today, it would not start (battery OK, but would do nothing when
key was turned). This really pissed me off, since I was told it ran, and
probably would have made an offer on the car if the car ran decent. I asked
when the car was last started, and the sale guy said October. What an idiot.
Salesman wanted me to make an offer on the car today before his tech had a
chance to come and look at it (he tried the classic "another guy is coming
tomorrow AM to look at it" line). I told him to give me a call when it was
running and I'd think about it. The place is asking $2500 for it, and I
think it is probably a $1500-$2000 car (depending on how it runs). What do
you guys think? Run away? BTW, the B is in central PA. Any opinions greatly
appreciated. TIA.


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