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Re: Stud or bolt?

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Subject: Re: Stud or bolt?
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 12:41:13 -0800
One reason to use bolts in the end positions becomes obvious if you ever 
try to remove the manifold (say to replace the gasket) with the engine in 
the car. If you have studs in the end positions, you have to undo the 
manifold-to-headpipe flange nuts in order to remove the gasket (the 
headpipe bumps into the steering shaft before the manifold clears the 
studs). For this you need to get underneath the car, and they are real 
buggers to get restarted (not to mention rusty and inaccessible).

To anyone who has experienced this, it is obvious that the substitution 
of bolts in the end positions would make it possible to just pull the 
manifold out of the way still attached to the headpipe, greatly 
simplifying the job of changing the gasket, and not raising the spectre 
of having to replace the exhaust donuts as well.

Not that I'm recommending this swap, I'm just explaining the probable 
thinking of the POs in these cases...

Florrie & Allen Bachelder had this to say:

>I don't know, but I have found this solution present in a lot of cars.  In
>re-assembling, I've always used studs though.  The bolts will either be too
>long to properly torque the manifold down, or they won't thread all the way
>in and the torque will be pulling on fewer threads.   I wonder if there are
>any heat transfer issues, although that seems a bit far-fetched.
>>From: Larry Colen <>
>>In order to remove the exhaust manifold on my MGB, I must remove the
>>studs, not just the nuts from the two outside holes.  It seems that it
>>would be a lot easier to replace those two studs with bolts, and save
>>myself a step in both the disassembly and reassembly processes.
>>Is this a good idea?  A bad idea?  The way that it's really supposed to
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