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Re: Stud or bolt?

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Subject: Re: Stud or bolt?
From: "David Hill" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 1999 23:25:56 -0000
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Subject: Stud or bolt?

> I don't know, but I have found this solution present in a lot of cars.  In
> re-assembling, I've always used studs though.  The bolts will either be
> long to properly torque the manifold down, or they won't thread all the
> in and the torque will be pulling on fewer threads.   I wonder if there
> any heat transfer issues, although that seems a bit far-fetched.
> Allen

Seems to me the reason for using studs is very simple. The threads in the
head will wear to a small extent every time a bolt is removed/replaced.
Multiply this by the number of times the bolt is shifted than add the
eroding effect of sticking through corrosion and you have the recipe for a
helicoil, sooner or later.

IMHO, the best combination is steel studs and stainless or brass nuts.



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