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Re: New British Car club

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Subject: Re: New British Car club
From: "Edwin McCarroll" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2001 08:39:38 -0400
Read about new club in Panama City, Fla. and the associated birthing/growing 
pains.   We started our club in NW Ohio two years ago and are planning our 
third show event for June 3.    We have obtained a permanent site for the show 
and will hold it there in June.   We have also established a newsletter and 
each event we have held (two per year) gives us more experience to ensure the 
following event runs a bit more smoothly.   The one problem we can't seem to 
overcome is getting enough vendors to attend.   We notify a selected number 
well in advance of our events but don't receive a good response.   I know that 
these vendors likely plan their calendar very early for each season, but it is 
like pulling teeth to get one or two to agree to come.   Any suggestions on 
what we might doing wrong or to improve the response?    I would have thought 
the vendors would have seen this as an opportunity.   We are expecting at least 
100 cars weather permitting. 

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