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Re: Club Membership (was Re: Very Interesting)

Subject: Re: Club Membership (was Re: Very Interesting)
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 14:49:45 -0400
600 is a very large club by any standard.  I would venture to say the average
local club size in the states is about 150-200 - some clubs have more and some
less. But then there are usually more than one club within any particular state.
I happen to live on the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey and belong to 
clubs - One in NJ, one in PA and one in NY.


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Eric wrote:

> Jerry Erbesfield wrote:
> >
> I mentioned a little while ago in a post on another subject that my
> local MG Car Club has over 600 members.  Now remember that this is the
> club for the WHOLE State of South Australia (but also note that our
> 'whole State' has a population of just 1.5 million).
> Just thinking about how many MG cars and enthusiasts are out there,
> would this size club be considered LARGE by standards elsewhere?

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