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Re: MGA 1500: Cold valve gap?

To: Steve Morris <>, "MG List" <>
Subject: Re: MGA 1500: Cold valve gap?
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 17:37:40 -0500
At 12:50 AM 4/22/2001 -0400, Steve Morris wrote:
>.... What should I adjust the valve gap to be when the engine is cold? I
know it is .017" hot, but I can't find a cold measurement. I thought I
rememebered .025", but I wasn't sure.

Not a lot different, maybe a few thou more when cold, probably not more
than .020.  If you just reassembled your engine it won't make any
difference anyway, because you need to retorque the head when hot the first
time you get it up to running temperature anyway, and that changes the
valve gap, so you need to readjust it again then anyway (while still hot).

>Thanks to all for the spark plug suggestions. I found the NGK BP6ES, but
the BP6E isn't even in the NGK catalog anymore. We'll see how they do
compared to the Autolite 404 that I was using.

I have been putting a lot of miles on Autolite 63 spark plugs the last
couple of years with no problems, nice and tan, etc.  I get these at the
local cheap parts place for anywhere from $.80 to $1.50 each.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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