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Re: 5th Annual British Car Drivers Week

Subject: Re: 5th Annual British Car Drivers Week
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 01:00:48 EDT
Well, I for one, am glad to see at least some interest from the "Generation 
Y" crowd (the news media made that term up, not me). The urge to go against 
the crowd which seems to prefer sinking incredible amounts of money tuning up 
Civics and Corollas ought to be applauded. 

Still, at 28, I am one of the youngest members of my club, and despite our 
membership of over 250, I know of only one other member who is under 30. And 
unlike most of the younger members of this list, I did not have a dad who was 
already into LBC's, my interest came from within. That being the case, I 
sadly don't know how to work on a car, and if it weren't for my love of 
driving my MG, and the pride of ownership, I doubt I would own one. 

I've read some of the stories here of people not even knowing what an MG is, 
etc. Thankfully, I haven't experienced too much of that. The reaction I get 
from kids is always a positive one. Older folks will ask is it an MG or a 
Triumph, but if I am in my Midget just running about doing errands, my most c
ommon reaction from people is that "I had no idea there were any of those 
still on the road!".

Well, to me that says plainly that these care are not on the road enough, 
which is why I think British Car Driver's Week is such a great idea. On a 
positive note, we were blessed with a very warm Sunday here in CT, so we 
naturally set out in the Midget for a ride. My one wish was to see at least 
one other LBC, and I was blessed twice; I saw 2 MGB's while driving around 

Drive your cars!

78 Midget   

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