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Re: 5th Annual British Car Drivers Week

To: The Sinclairs <>,
Subject: Re: 5th Annual British Car Drivers Week
From: David Councill <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:26:23 -0600

I "gave" my then 16 year old son (he is now 17) my rusty 71BGT which he 
ended up putting out of commission permanently last October. The accident 
was not his fault and we got an insurance settlement out of it. The money 
was then used to buy a 65 MGB as well as a 72 parts car and lots of spare 

When I titled the 65B, I put it in my son's name. And that was before he 
started investing some serious time and money in the car. I think it was a 
wise choice. I may be a geezer now, but I haven't forgotten my youth. 
Putting it in his name was more a psychological thing and it made the car 
truly his in his mind.

So long as the car isn't being sold, it isn't really important whose name 
is on the title. I'm not even sure it affects the insurance. The rates will 
go "through the roof" either way. Ironically rates were about $15/year less 
to insure the 65B (titled in my son's name) than it was to insure him for 
the 71BGT (titled in my name).

I don't think I would consider your situation "unfair" by any means. 
However, at some point, you should be able to have a talk with the "old 
man" about legitimizing your ownership of the car. It may be a little early 
at 16 but if you are maintaining the car,  you are the sole driver, and you 
are holding your own job to pay for the upkeep then you should be able to 
raise these points. Naturally, your parents will be skeptical and will 
pepper you with "Why?" type questions. They may be concerned that you will 
then be able to sell the car at will. So I think the most persuasive 
arguments you will need to use will be that you intend to keep/maintain the 
car and the title change is really to give you the pride of ownership. Be 
sure the time is right and you bring up the right points - you want to do 
it right the first time.


At 10:10 AM 4/26/2001 -0700, The Sinclairs wrote:
>I'm 16, and though my parents haven't put the '68 B in my
>name yet, I distinctly remember my Dad telling me when I was
>about 8 years old, "Rory, when you're old enough to drive,
>you can have the MG." Of course, now that I'm actually
>driving, my parents have renigged and claim Dad said
>"Someday, you'll get the MG". A little frustrating, but
>since I'm the one who got it running after six years of non
>use (the wire was came off the fuel pump), right now I'm
>pretty much the sole driver. And yes, I do have to pay for
>the parts, and yet it's not my car yet. Does this sound

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