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Subject: Re: Looking for opinions/advice
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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:14:50 -0400
Complete engine rebuild is a variable definition.

One man puts in new valve guides, oil pump and flywheel bolts
without question, another checks everything and replaces only out
of factory spec items, then another replaces only out of wear
limit spec items, and finally there's the valve lap, piston ring
and all new bearings/seals guy.

Ball park quotes are OK, but labor rate and track record is more
to the point. Is the crank salvageable? Is the engine on it's last
oversize? Any magnafluxing, weight balancing, machining or
blueprinting? ($3500 should cover a lot).

And the parts - if the mechanic buys them he will pass them on to
you at 100% retail.

Mike L

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Subject: Looking for opinions/advice

> Well... the B's engine is making severe knocking noises. Sounds
like a cap
> or a bearing problem to me and the mechanic I talked to. The car
cranks but
> I'll end up towing it someplace for repairs.
> My question is this: since I am not an experienced mechanic
> there!!) which is the best way to go. Have this engine rebuilt
(if possible)
> or purchase a engine to drop in the B. The one place I talked to
gave me an
> estimate of $3000 - $3500 to do a complete engine rebuild. Is
that a
> reasonable  cost? LOL... I don't know what I'm worried about it
for since I
> don't have that to invest in it right now anyway. Plus the wife
> probably shoot me if I did. :-)
> Greg Bass
> '78 B

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