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To: James Nazarian Jr <>,
Subject: Re: Looking for opinions/advice
From: David Councill <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 14:29:41 -0600
Why would you think you would get flamed for this? You are almost right on. 
I don't see having the calipers as prerequisite. But like you said, its 
mostly labor and its not overly difficult. And you have the list resources. 
Plus with an adequate supply of the right kind of beer, you might even be 
able to find experienced listers nearby who could give you a hand.


At 02:21 PM 6/21/2001 -0600, James Nazarian Jr wrote:
>I'm probably gonna get flamed for this, but if you have a set of calipers, 
>you haven't blown the engine you can do it yourself.  In your favorite shop
>manual you will be given the dimensions for the journals at original and at
>all overbores.  It will also give you the tolerance.  Mic each journal on the
>crank in at least three different places to see if they are within spec, 
>do the
>  same for the rods and the crank journals (on the block).  If they are 
> all within
>spec, replace the bearings and reassemble.  If there is doubt, give a machine
>shop the numbers and have them look.
>Ridge reaming and honing if necessary (you don't mention mileage) is real 
>Typically if you didn't blow the engine up the rebuild process is pretty easy.
>At the very least, if you take the thing apart and take the parts to the 
>shop they can do all the work and you can reassemble.
>The parts are real cheap, it is the labor that is a killer.  The more 
>labor you
>do, the less they bill for.  Most of that $3000 is removal, disassembly,
>reassembly, and refiting;  all are very doable if you can follow shop manual
>directions.  I personally like Haynes, but I doubt it matters.  At least read
>the chapter on rebuilding the bottom end and see if it is a project you would
>consider undertaking.

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