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Re: 5 Speed - Why?

Subject: Re: 5 Speed - Why?
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 10:22:20 EDT
I read on this list and others of the various conversions to fit English or 
American or Japanese tranmissions to MGs, and I sit here wondering what all 
the fuss is about.

Yes, I understand that people want to be doing something to (supposedly) 
enhance the performance of their cars, or to 'customise' them so that they 
stand out from the crowd, and I suppose the transmission swaps are as good an 
outlet for this as any.

But what many people seem to overlook, is that either of the 2 stock 
transmissions is perfectly servicabe. I prefer the non-synch version, 
although I do use them with CR gears, but I also have an MGC with the all 
synch, so am familiar with both. The cost of converting to another 
transmission is high (you can usually get a CR gear set for less), and you 
end up with a non-stock car that doesn't necessarily function any better than 
a stock one with OD. 

I've driven and raced all versions of the stock transmissions, and there is 
nothing about them that would have me aching to replace them, although I do 
prefer the ratios in the CR version. Maybe that's just me......

Bill S.

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