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Re: pinion gear

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Subject: Re: pinion gear
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Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2002 17:47:52 -0600
    You need to do a little home work with your manuals before you take on
these jobs to save yourself a lot of further head aches down the road. Most
manuals will walk you through this process very carefully but you must take
it step by step.  Most of your questions are answered right up front in your
manuals. I highly suggest reading the entire chapter through before you take
on each area of your car and then continue to go back and refer to it as
your progressing.
    What manuals are you using?  Are you tired of hearing the word "manual"
yet.  Thats for a reason.  You will need one just for the simple fact of
understanding what the list is going to be telling you.

Sorry,  school is out. Now go find your manuals.  :>)


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Subject: pinion gear

> I'm trying to change a left front motor mount but can't figure out how to
> remove the pinion(rod?) from the gears on the rack. I have loosened the
> steering wheel and pulled it backwards towards the rear of the car. This
> pulled the pinion rod loose from the bottom of the U-joint. I removed the
> cover for the pinion gear housing and the lock nut, washer, and bearings.
> The rod will pull slightly upwards when I pull from the U-joint end, but
> the pinion will not come free from its housing. How do I get it free?
> Next question:
> There is a heavy weight oil in the pinion gear housing that, of course,
> drained out when the cover was removed. How do I go about replacing the
> with the rack remaining on the car? I can see no filler vent.
> Thanks,
> Monte 79B

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