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RE: Kick Panel, quick question

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Subject: RE: Kick Panel, quick question
From: "Denise Thorpe" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 12:25:23 -0500
Wil Boucher said:

> (I will have to see how things go when I put the proximity detector in,
> later in the spring, for top down alarm...)
> I leave my doors unlocked, and try to leave nothing in the car. If you
> lock the doors, the top will just get slashed...

The only time I ever had something stolen out of my B in 20+ years of San
Diego top-down driving was when I didn't have the tonneau cover on.  I
guess with the tonneau on, they don't want what they can't see.  With the
top up, I lock everything in the trunk or stick it under the seats.

To keep the car from being stolen, I have a hidden fuel pump cut-off
switch.  I knew someone who also had this setup and lived in a bad
neighborhood.  He said his car was found twice, abandoned in the middle of
an intersection a mile from his house.  Each of these times, he found where
his car was when the police called to yell at him for blocking an
intersection.  The second time, they wrote him a ticket.  But at least he
got his car back.

When car alarms first came out, an investigative reporter for some TV news
show tested usefulnessness of them.  He placed a car in various places
including crowded parking lots and less populous places and set off the
alarm.  No one ever did anything.  If you won't be within earshot of your
alarm, there's no point in setting it.


--- Denise Thorpe
--- xyzabcde@earthlink.n

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