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Re: Kick Panel, quick question

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Subject: Re: Kick Panel, quick question
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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 11:36:26 -0000
Door switches were provided from the 67 'model year' so you should have them
already, it is normal to tap into the purple-white somewhere easy like by
the courtesy light for an alarm.  The only way you will get at the back of
the A-post is to remove the front wing, but by removing the trim-panel it is
not that difficult to fiddle a wire from a hole in the A-post to the top of
the inner metal panel.  The normal door switches either clip into the hole
or are secured with two screws from the front.

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Subject: Kick Panel, quick question

> I was going to install my alarm today but got stumped and didn't want to
> go too far before getting some info...
> I want to put Door Switches in the A posts.
> In order to do that I need to drill holes in the A post and then slide
> in the switches, then I will need to access the rear of the switch to
> put a nut on and apply wiring.

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