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Re: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?

Subject: Re: Are MGB reliable daily drivers?
From: Rick Brown <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 20:17:18 -0500

Tyson has given very good advice here and I agree with him.

  I have been driving my 74 MGBGT daily for the last 5 years - well at least
up until Sept 11th - I used to drive it about 18 miles one way to a park and
ride and then took a bus into NYC - then 18 miles back to home in the

Now, since my building collapsed on 9-11 , I work in Weehawken  NJ and there
is no bus service, I have switched to driving the Volvo the 120 miles round
trip.  I use the VOlvo, not because the MG isn't reliable but the sheer
amount of traffic, especially trucks. during rush hour, has forced me to use
it.  I have driven the MG in a few times but it gets kinda scary with 18
wheelers surronding you!

We will soon be moving back into NYC and I plan to revert to the BGT at that



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> Daniel,
> That's a big can of worms you're potentially opening :)

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